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Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata, more commonly known as the Ponytail palm originates from the arid regions central America. This palm has long hair like green leaves emerging from the top of its...
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Devil’s Ivy (Aureum) Devil’s Ivy (Aureum)

Devil’s Ivy (Aureum)

‘Golden Pothos’ is a variety of Devil’s Ivy which has stunning leaves in hues ranging from luminous lime green to pale yellow. This is a fast growing plant with a...

Parlour Palm

Chamaedorea elegans, more commonly known as the Parlour palm originates from central America, but has been loved as a houseplant since Victorian times. Most often grown in small clumps this...
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Rubber Plant (Ficus Abidjan)

Ficus Elastica ‘Abidjan’ add warmth to any room with large foliage in rich tones of bronze and burgundy, with a deep green base. It requires little maintenance and is considered...
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Umbrella Plant Umbrella Plant

Rubber Plant (Ficus Robusta)

Ficus Elastica ‘Robusta’ has large glossy deep green leaves that gives an instant impact. It requires little maintenance and is considered one of the best air purifying plants available.Ficus Elastica...
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Wax Plant (Hoya Carnosa Tricolour)

Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor', is a great trailing or hanging house plant. It can eventually hang to about 1.2 metres or more. Hoya is a family of succulent vines and is...

Butterfly Palm

Dypsis Lutescens, more commonly known as the Areca palm was once an endangered species and originates from Madagascar. The palms have smooth sometimes golden stems from which arching graceful fronds...
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ZZ Plant (Fern Arum)

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is also known as the ZZ plant. Also called a fern arum, this is one of the easiest house plants to look after! What's more, it has attractive,...
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Spider Plant (Variegatum) Spider Plant (Variegatum)

Spider Plant (Variegatum)

Spider Plants became popular in the seventies and still remain a firm favourite today. They have a very distinctive appearance with variegated foliage and dangling baby plants. They are easy...

Money Tree (Ovata Horn Tree)

This house plant, known as Crassula ovata 'Horn Tree', is an unusual jade or money plant because its foliage resembles little hunting horns. It is an interesting cultivar of Crassula...
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Alocasia (Polly)

Alocasia Polly is otherworldly looking with its unique foliage. This Alocasia has deep green, waxy leaves with bold cream-colored lines. These tropical plants feature stunning foliage and can produce enormous...
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Calathea (Lancifolia)

Calathea Lancifolia has shiny pale green foliage with deep green lance like stripes and edges on a light green backdrop. It is similar to Calathea Zebrina but with glossy foliage,...
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Wax Plant (Hoya Linearis)

Hoya linearis is an unusual house plant that is ideal in a hanging pot or it can trail over the edge of containers where it creates a 'wave' effect. Also...

Wax Plant (Hoya Gracalis)

Hoya Gracalis has waxy, deep green leaves and highly fragrant flowers during the flowering season. It is also called the 'Hindu rope plant'.  They can be trained to climb, or...
Tradescantia (Nanouk) Tradescantia (Nanouk)
Philodendron (Micans Lime) Philodendron (Micans Lime)

Philodendron (Micans Lime)

Philodendron Micans Lime have beautifully trailing heart shaped leafs in lime green with a yellow undertone. Perfect for trailing down the side of one of your shelfs or cascading from...
Devil’s Ivy (Njoy) Devil’s Ivy (Njoy)

Devil’s Ivy (Njoy)

Njoy’ is a variety of Devil’s Ivy characterised by its its variegated green and cream coloured foliage. This is a fast growing plant with a trailing stem that can be...

Spider Plant (Ocean)

A slightly less well know version of the much beloved spider plant. The foliage of this variety has thicker and shorter leaves, in a darker shade of green, its edged...
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Cast Iron Plant

A very popular plant due to its hardiness and lush green foliage. It is a brilliant choice for people with busy life or a dark spot in a room where...
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Japanese Nest Fern

The Japanese nest fern is a slow growing evergreen with a nest of bright green glossy fronds with curly new growth emerging from the centre. The Osaka variety has longer...
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Indian Laurel (Moclame)

Ficus microcarpa moclame or the Indian laurel tree is an attractive houseplant with small deep green leaves that have a slightly leathery texture.
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Calathea (Freddie)

Calathea Freddie has shiny foliage with a light green base and deep green stripes and edges. It is similar to Calathea Zebrina but with glossy foliage, rather than the velvety,...
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Missionary Plant

Pilea peperomioides is often called the Chinese money plant and it also goes under the name of a pancake or missionary plant. This charming house plant has slightly succulent stems...
Curly Spider Plant Curly Spider Plant

Curly Spider Plant

This is a contemporary version of the much beloved spider plant with a curvy twist. The foliage of this variety has thicker and shorter leaves, in deep green, with a...

Weeping Fig Tree (Ficus Twilight)

Ficus benjamina 'Anastasia' is also known as a weeping fig, is one of the most popular house plants or trees available. Native to Australia and Asia this beautiful ornamental tree...
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Codiaeum (Petra)

Codiaeums are know for their stunning, richly coloured leaves with a pattern of red, gold, orange, yellow and green.
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Bird of Paradise (Reginae)

Strelitzia Reginae or the Bird of Paradise plants has arching banana like leaves to bring the jungle into your home. These are slow growing plants, so buy them as big...
Calathea (Makoyana)

Calathea (Makoyana)

A crowd pleaser that will not fail to impress with their showy foliage, like the peacock itself. Calathea ‘Makoyana’ is a stunning plant with pale green leaves painted with oblong...

Alocasia (Pink Dragon)

Alocasia Pink Dragon is a tropical foliage plant with glossy dark green leaves and deep veins that look like a dragon’s scale. The stems are a beautiful pink and the...

Alocasia (Bambino Arrow)

Alocasia Bambino is one of the best ornamental species in the Alocasia genus. It has gorgeous arrowhead green leaves that are purple underneath and have a bright, stylish venation on...
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