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Make every space beautiful

Whether it is a shady corner or a sunny windowsill our carefully designed plant collections are here to help you choose the the Perfect Plant for every space in your home

Styling Tips
Start with the room

Think about the room and space you want to style. Is it sunny or shady? Direct sunlight in a conservatory or south facing window sill or indirect light in your living room? Does the room have moisture like in a bathroom or kitchen which would make it well suited to Alocasia's and Ferns.

Choose a statement plant that you love

This is the plant that is going to be at the centre of your plant collection. Something that is gorgeous and leafy that makes instant impact in the room transforming the space.

Find a pot

Pots can transform an average looking plant into a great looking plant. The right pot adds texture and style to your room.

Grouping plants together

Think about how your plants will look next to each other. Perhaps take inspiration from nature thinking about desert plants or tropical plants. Choose a mixture of different size plants that complement each other. Perhaps add a hanging plant? Why not take a look at our different plant collections to get some inspiration?

Use accessories to create height levels

Try to create a plant scene using different accessories to style your space and create different height levels. Try one of our pots that come with a stand or just put some books under a pot.

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