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Our Story

Inspired by our love of gardening and the outdoors, and a desire for a new adventure we started our plant journey in August 2021 when we bought the Perfect Plants nursery. It has been an incredible adventure transforming ourselves from keen amateur gardeners to managing a site with 2 acres of glasshouses and thousands of plants. We’ve faced some big hurdles along the way including dealing with the biggest storm in 80 years but also some great moments of joy watching our first season of outdoor plants grow.

We are a working plant nursery, so most of our outdoor plant range is grown on site and you are buying great quality bedding, herbs & vegetables and perennials directly from our greenhouses. So whilst supporting a small farm, you get access to great prices (as you are buying direct) and some very healthy and loved plants.

Our indoor plants are bought in from Holland on a weekly basis. They come into our heated greenhouses where they are cared for by our team. Its our favourite greenhouse on the site - our own tropical paradise. One day we might try and grow these ourselves, but for now, we rely on Dutch houseplant expertise which is the best in the world!

We do hope you enjoy browsing our new website and find something you like. Whether you are looking to bring a touch of the tropics to an indoor space, or starting out with a new herb garden, we hope that caring for your new plants will give you as much pleasure as it has been for us looking after them here. Enjoy!!

Parag & Anna

Co-founders of Perfect Plants.

Our team

Parag (CEO and Cofounder)

From Perfumes to Plants is quite a leap, but after having spent 20 years working within an entrepreneurial fragrance business, Parag felt it was time for a change and decided to combine his passions for plants, with that of business and marketing (as well as getting to work with his wife Anna every day!). “We want to create a memorable online buying experience that feels like you are walking around one of our beautiful glasshouses. Whether that is the tropical glasshouse with exotic house plants from South America and beyond, or the woodland glasshouse filled with ferns, heuchera’s and hostas. Each one feel very different and the conditions and plants inside tell a story about where the plants are from and the care that they require to thrive in your own home or garden”

Anna (Chief Plantswoman and Cofounder)

Anna spends most of her time in the glasshouses with the plants (lucky her!) Her job is to make sure the conditions are perfect for them to grow, and to nurture and care for each one to always keep them looking their best. “Working with plants every day you start see the subtle changes in each plant and what they need – the similarities and the differences of what they require from light levels, watering to humidity and soil drainage”.

Mel (Customer service manager)

The moment you click buy, your order comes to Mel and she is responsible to make sure that you receive your plant quickly and in Perfect condition. Not sure what to buy, or got a plant care question or just want to talk about plants? Call our customer service number and speak to Mel and she will get you sorted!

Mitch (Packing Manager)

Its not easy packaging a plant – have you ever tried to wrap a cactus! Mitch is responsible for making sure that your plant arrive safe and perfectly packaged. Whether it is a gift for a loved one or a plant for your own home, whether it is tiny succulent or a 1.5m Fiddly leaf fig, Mitch knows how to wrap it, pack it, and get it to you!

Steve (Plant care)

From watering the plants, to maintaining the greenhouses, when it comes to a plant nursery there is not much Steve doesn’t know he’s been doing it for almost 40 years! Our resident plant nursery expert.

Chris and Kirsty (Design, branding and making everything look beautiful)

We hope you love our sparkly new website and branding as much as we do. We are always looking to improve the shopping experience so would love to hear your feedback and any improvements.

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