House Plants

Alocasia 'Bambino Arrow' house plant has leaves like arrows
The leaf of a huge Swiss cheese plant Monstera
Colourful Dracaena lemon lime house plant next to Codiaeum orange and red

House plants are those that should live indoors in the UK because our outdoor climate is not warm enough for them. However, many indoor plants benefit from being put outdoors during the summer months and many are perfectly suited to living in a conservatory. Research shows that having greenery indoors is highly beneficial, not only because plants filter toxins from the air and increase oxygen during daylight hours, but because they are calming and soothing for the soul. So it's official - houseplants are good for you! Some house plants, such as succulents actually produce oxygen at night, which is highly unusual.

It seems we can't get enough of house plants in the 21st century - read all about 'jungle fever' here!

Browse a range of house plants including exotic Palms, Cacti, Succulents, Lucky Bamboo Euphorbia, Umbrella plants and many more. They make great housemates!