Sago Palm Cycas revoluta house plant in 15cm pot. 60-65cm tall, including pot

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cycas revolta 15cm

If you like the dinosaurs, you might well be interested to learn that the Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta is one of the most primitive living plants. It belongs to the Cycad genus and therefore dates back to times before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Not actually a true palm tree, it certainly has a similar appearance. The fronds look almost fern-like and they emerge from a rugged trunk which is called a caudex.

  • The fronds are quite stiff and brittle. They grow to about 40cm long and make a graceful arch when mature.
  • This is a slow-growing plant and care should be taken to protect the fronds from damage. Only one or two new fronds are likely to grow each year.
  • The Sago palm likes high levels of light and above average humidity levels.
  • It can go indoors or out but you do need to protect from severely low temperatures. It can survive in temperatures as low as -8 degrees.
  • A bright conservatory or heated greenhouse would make an ideal environment although some protection from direct sunlight is advised.
  • Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
  • Use free-draining compost.
  • Expected height after a few years when kept as a house plant: 80cm
  • Do not allow pets (or children) to eat the fronds as they are toxic.
  • Growing in a 15cm pot.
  • Currently up to 60cm tall, including the pot.
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