Rhipsalis elliptica unusual cactus house plant in 14cm hanging pot Rare

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rhipsalis elliptica

This unusual houseplant is called Rhipsalis elliptica and it's a type of cactus that originates from Brazil.

  • Its natural habitat is within sub-tropical, moist lowland forest and it therefore doesn't respond well to desert-like conditions.
  • The plant is an epiphyte which can trail down to 150cm in the wild.
  • This is a cactus that prefers to be growing in very slightly moist compost.
  • Take care not to allow the compost to remain soggy, however, as this can lead to root rot.
  • Has unusually coloured, flattened stems with a pinky-red, magenta to purple hue.
  • Sold in a 14cm hanging pot.
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