Phoenix canariensis indoor palm tree 60cm tall approx. Canary Island Date Palm

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pheonix can 14 60

Phoenix canariensis is a palm tree that is native to the Canary Islands, shere it can easily grow to 15m in height. It produces long, arching fronds that are fairly stiff in nature.

  • It can produce clusters of creamy yellow flowers in summer. These can be followed by reddish-yellow fruits in autumn.
  • Phoenix canariensis has been known to survive temperatures of down to -6 degC if planted in well-drained soil and protected with fleece in winter.
  • Can be treated as a houseplant in the UK.
  • Ideal for a sunny spot such as a conservatory.
  • Take care when trimming, as the spines at the base of the leaves can be very sharp.
  • Sold in a 14cm pot.
  • Current height of the plant, including the pot is up to 60cm.
  • Please note that every plant is different and the one you purchase won't look exactly like the photograph.
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