Nertera granadensis Astrid Orange Plant in a 8cm Pot Coral Bead Plant

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nertera 8
Nertera granadensis Astrid Orange, Coral Bead Plant, pin-cushion plant, coral moss, or English baby tears,

Can be kept as a house plant, or outdoors during summer months

Likes plenty of water during the summer, but must be let to dry out between waterings in the winter. Likes free draining soil.

The plant possesses brightly colored fruit, and likely offers visual appeal to young children and pets. Fortunately, the toxicity of Nertera granadensis appears to be quite low, and there are no known toxins associated with the particular parts of the plant. One study noted that of 21 children known to have ingested the plant, only five showed mild symptoms associated with poisoning, such as tiredness, stomach pains, and vomiting. In addition, a ​2 1⁄2-year-old child ingested 20 of the Nertera granadensis berries with no visible ill effects.

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