Callisia repens 'Rosato' succulent house plant for hanging or shelf

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callisia jungle jewels rosato

This charming house plant, Callisia repens 'Rosato' copes well with being an indoor plant in the UK. It is related to the Tradescantia family and forms a cascading mound with a multitude of small green and fleshy leaves. The foliage turns purple as the season progresses. 

  • Forms a carpet, mounded shape which looks good in a shallow pot or hanging basket. 
  • Will eventually trail over the sides of the pot.
  • Give it bright light on a shelf or sunny windowsill.
  • The plant has stems bearing small round waxy leaves that vary in colors from green striped, pinkish, and cream with a burgundy underside of the leaf.
  • Pinch the growing tips regularly to create a more full, compact shaped plant.
  • Callisia 'Rosato' will sometimes display small white flowers in the summer months.
  • The more sun this plant gets the more pink the foliage looks.
  • This is a semi-succulent so allow it to dry out thoroughly between waterings.
  • Does not respond well to over-watering.
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