Begonia listada house plant in a 12cm pot. RHS AGM

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begonia rex listada 12

Begonia listada is a house plant here in the UK that is also known as the striped Begonia. It is quite different from other Begonias because it has a light green stripe running lengthwise through the middle of the leaf.

  • Suitable as a house plant in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Produces white or pale pink flowers.
  • Kept mainly for the foliage rather than the flowers.
  • Needs regular watering regime.
  • Never allow the compost to stay soggy.
  • Suitable for terrarium use as these plants like high humidity.
  • Forms a spreading, bushy mound.
  • Awarded the prestigious Award for Garden Merit by the RHS
  • Growing in a 12cm diameter pot.
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