How plants can help your allergy and make a perfect gift.

Know someone who suffers from allergies? Plants make great presents.

Almost half of the UK population suffers from an allergy of one sort or another, according to recent research. Each year the number of sufferers increases by about five per cent.  The most common allergy is to pollen, followed by house dust mites, pets, mould and various foodstuffs. People with allergies obviously try very hard not to expose themselves to the substances that affect them. It seems that the more they come into contact with problematic allergens, the worse their reaction seems to feel. cat, dog, allergy, sneezing, health, ill, dust, mites, houseplants, plants, sick Sweet cats and dogs. But not so fine if you suffer from a pet allergy. But there's one group of gifts that might actually help to improve the lives of many of these people. They are house plants. Why? Because they have the amazing capability of filtering toxins and potentially harmful substances from the air. Studies have shown that house plants can eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. They also trap dust and give out oxygen. What does this mean for someone who suffers from allergies? Adding plants within a home or working environment can actually have huge benefits because plants tend to work in harmony with humans. Spider plant, Chlorophytum, health, houseplant, house, plant, house plant, home. allergy, health House plants can be large, small or medium. Hanging or floor standing. These spider plants (Chlorophytum) are really effective air-cleansers and they take up hardly any space at all.

Living in harmony

During the day plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. People take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The opposite pattern of gas use is complementary. Adding plants to a home can increase oxygen levels and help people to breathe more easily.  At night, plants typically respire like humans, releasing carbon dioxide into the surroundings, with the exception of succulents and a few other plants. This special group of house plants release oxygen throughout the night and this is why they make great bedtime companions. crassula 'hobbit'. house plant, houseplant, oxygen, night, health, plant, allergies Crassula 'Hobbit' is also known as a money plant or jade tree. It makes a great bedtime companion as it filters the air AND produces oxygen at night.

Purifying Air

Sick Building Syndrome is caused by air-tight buildings trapping VOCs (volatile organic compounds) inside. It's well known that these can cause many unfortunate sicknesses and health problems. House plants can remove up to 87 per cent of VOCs every 24 hours. So it seems that a healthy collection of plants can bring huge benefits. Even the health of patients in hospital rooms have been seen to improve once plants have been added to their rooms. indoor plants, house plants, plants, houseplants, vertical wall, health, growing, sick building syndrome This office interior is certainly improved by the addition of a vertical living wall and several large house plants.  

A living gift can give the gift of a better life

People tend to assume that every 'living gift' given to someone with allergies might turn into an allergenic problem. But in fact house plants have been shown to help improve people's health and thereby their life.  A house plant is undemanding, elegant and polite. It's an excellent listener; it  never interrupts either thoughts or conversations and wouldn’t dream of chewing the furniture.  Plants not only add style and structure to an interior but but they also filter toxins from the air and give out oxygen. You could say that they are a gift that keeps on giving. alocasia, houseplant, house, plant, health, office, home, plants, indoors, allergies Plants can make you feel much healthier. They filter toxins from the air and can improve the life of many allergy-sufferers. There's a house plant suitable for practically every situation. Find out as much as you can about its likes and dislikes, then just sit back and enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by house plants. Weeping fig, ficus, house plant, houseplant, health, growing, allergies Ficus, or weeping fig, make really lovely house plants and they are very easy to care for.   Watch the video to see some of the house plants available: