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How to create a garden room to make a plant and people haven

Enjoy a special GUEST BLOG POST about integrating plants into places, written by friendly flooring expert, the online store of FlooringREPUBLIC.

Want to go rustic? How to create your own rustic conservatory... on a budget!

Conservatories offer more than just additional living space. These wonderful rooms can serve as a rustic transition between the inside and outside of a home.  They provide the perfect platform to create a relaxing and tranquil space to be enjoyed all year round. And what better way to style your conservatory than with a natural theme? A rustic aesthetic, using a blend of natural materials, colours and textures, brings the outdoors inside, and vice versa. From wooden flooring to beautiful house plants, there are plenty of ways you can achieve this look. would like to provide you with inspiration.

Look how charming these Aloe house plants look when planted in terracotta and positioned in a rustic setting.  

Building the foundations

These succulent house plants, potted up into a glass bowl to act as a terrarium, makes a charming feature, set upon a rustic wooden table or shelf. When it comes to interior design, flooring is a great place to start. Floors make a great foundation for a rustic theme!  Easy-to-clean wooden or wood-effect flooring is also a highly practical choice. It provides a smooth transition from garden to home and it looks great too. With wood-effect laminate flooring, you can enjoy all the aesthetic appeal of wooden floors at a lower cost than hardwood alternatives. This way, you can still add warmth, depth and a natural feel to your conservatory, whether you opt for a light oak or dark walnut. You can even team your wooden floors with a thick-pile rug to add some extra warmth and luxury for the winter.

These Kalanchoe thyrysiflora 'Red Lips' in their rustic terracotta pots would look highly effective against a wooden laminate background.

Going 'au naturel'

While deciding on your flooring, it's also a good idea to keep your walls in mind and choose colours that will complement each other. In a room that's likely to be bathed in sunlight for large periods of the day  you might want to choose pale, natural shades on the walls. Light shades tend to reflect the sunlight and make the room feel even more light and airy. This works particularly well if you're using a darker wood on the floors, as a light cream or sandy tone will help keep the room feeling bright. Of course, to achieve a truly rustic aesthetic, you'll want to avoid just sticking with creams and browns. If you  add some greenery in there too, this is where the fun really starts!

Colour, shape and contrast always makes an impact. Even a small plant can make a big difference to interior decor.   Incorporating an element of green will enhance the natural ambience in the room, while also adding some interest and colour. Rich green shades in sage, olive and teal are ideal for creating a feature. Painted areas, wallpaper or plants will bring some drama and fun to a rustic setting.

Make it a cosy haven

A huge part of designing your rustic conservatory is going to be about the furniture and finishing touches that will create a welcoming and relaxing ambience. This can be done by combining comfort and rustic style with wooden furniture and accent pieces.

Even a computer setting can look amazing with the addition of a few, carefully placed plants within a rustic background. Whether you're decorating with a rattan sofa and chairs, bookshelves, a wooden coffee table or wooden ornaments, natural materials can make a lasting impression. They help to tie everything together. To make it extra cosy, whatever your choice of seating, add plenty of soft cushions and throws in earthy hues and a variety of fabrics to create a sensuous feel.

Create an indoor rustic garden

Of course, no conservatory would be complete without some greenery. One of the benefits of a conservatory is that you're not just extending your indoor living space, but your garden space too. Therefore, this room can provide plenty of opportunities to transport your garden inside. In an area that's protected from the elements, you can indulge in house plants that range from exotic flowers to small succulents that ordinarily wouldn't survive outside.

The Kentia palm and many other indoor palm trees look wonderful within a rustic setting. By bringing a varied and tropical garden indoors, you can blur the indoor-outdoor boundaries. From rustic-styled wooden planters to earthy terracotta pots, there are endless ways you can use house plants to transport your garden inside. Creating a wonderful sanctuary which remains unaffected by the British weather is easier than you think!

This weeping fig, Ficus 'Exotica' has the most amazing braided stem which would team so well within a rustic settinig.  

Then add the plants!

With a selection of different house plants, you can add a richness of texture and colour that will be beautifully complemented by the wooden and rustic design elements. And to top it all off, house plants purify the air in your home, so they're good for your health too!

It's official! Plants are good for you. They look great too. With these design tips, you can transform your conservatory into a rustic haven that you can enjoy whatever the weather and you won't need to spend a fortune in the process.

Make a rustic conservatory setting for your plants and enjoy an 'indoor/outdoor' seating experience! See more house plants on the video:

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