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Six reasons to follow the cacti trend

Look sharp, here’s a trend that has spiked in popularity!

Interior design and fashion go hand in hand and this results in trends that are impossible to ignore. Sometimes there seems no rhyme or reason for the popularity of certain items or styles but it certainly appears that strong images make the key component. What's been trending for some time, with no sign of diminishing? Cacti! Here's six reasons why you should join the growing trend! ‍

The familiar cactus icon can be seen all over the place. It's fun!

1) A touch of the exotic

It seems that the desert-look is highly desirable in homes and lives of all sorts. It is driven by the iconic shape of a traditional Mexican cactus which is not only unmistakable but strangely amusing too. These plants are born survivors and they can almost be treated like a work of art.

Introduce a cactus into your home for a touch of exotic mysticism. ‍ The 'Golden Barrel' cactus is an iconic spherical shape.

2) Have some fun!

Of course, cacti are not only a trend but living things too. Not everyone, however, wants to own the genuine article. Indeed, there are plenty of less-dangerous spiky beasts. Cactus icons abound on everything from socks and ties through to curtain fabrics, novelty pens, keyrings, doormats, vases, designer bracelets and, dare we mention it, underwear and even condoms.

Living with cacti can be fun, try it! ‍ These ceramic cactus vases blend with the current cacti trend!

3) An easy-care addition

Moving hastily on, perhaps the appeal lies in the fact that these plants are so easy to please. You can buy them; admire them and almost forget them. They represent the antonym of speed, which is unusual in a 21st century of rushed time. Their needs are simple and their demands are few. Bright light, desert-like compost and the occasional drink will keep cacti content. But you would be wise to place them in a position that’s away from your circulation route in order to avoid snagging.

Cactus plants are easier to please than most other plants (and people). ‍ Euphorbia are succulents that are very much 'cactus-like'. These have the characteristic 'arms' that are so familiar to the trend.

4) Architectural shape and form

The trend has seen what is believed to be the first cactus boutique opening in London. Aptly named Prick, the store offers far more than the normal emoji cacti. Instead it seeks to reveal the most amazing diversity of shape and living form. There are cylindrical giant wonders with bright yellow spines; vertical spires standing to attention; clusters of fluffy stumps; spiraling helter-skelter forms and even flowers in yellows, pinks and white. The stunning backdrop is what sets these apart: crisp white walls; terracotta pots and an abundance of minimalism, if that can be a thing. ‍ Yes, cacti have flowers too!

The shapes of cactus plants add sophistication to an interior.

5) A sense of history

Some cactus plants are hundreds of years old and their battle scars make them even more appealing. ‍ You don't get the size without a bit of history to go with it. Young plants that have spent their lives in a greenhouse are a little lacking in character because this just can't be rushed. But even these can look amazing in the appropriate setting. ‍ Matching form but different types - these cactus plants are high impact beauties.

Cacti are so slow-growing that you introduce a whole new layer of history into your home when a cactus comes to live with you.

6) Improve your health and enhance your life

What's more, as most people now appreciate, plants help to improve the indoor environment. Not just in a visual sense but they have personal health benefits too. Cacti and succulents are expert air-filtering plants which reduce radiation and bacteria. They are night-workers, producing oxygen after dark, thereby making great bedfellows.

Your air quality and environment will improve when you have cacti and succulents indoors. ‍ Sweet dreams can be yours if your bedroom air is cleaned and improved by succulents! What about the price? See a cactus or succulent placed in an elite shop setting and you can take it home for several hundred pounds. Some rare cacti cost thousands of pounds. It's vital to steer well clear of unscrupulous dealers who might trade on street corners or auction sites. If you love cacti you will want to protect them and therefore choose specialist nursery outlets. ‍ There's room for a plant in any size of home, from a flat right through to a mansion.

Responsible ownership

Quite rightly there is now a protection treaty in place that prohibits the movement of endangered species. But some cactus plants are prolific in the wild west and represent fair game provided the appropriate import paperwork is in place. Recent figures suggest that almost 13 per cent of plants confiscated at Heathrow airport are cacti without the required permissions. Scientists are concerned that some illegal plant hunters are spoiling the party for everyone else.  In fact, the illegal trade in valuable cacti is affecting plant species just as much as animals and some unscrupulous collectors will avoid legitimate cacti nursery outlets and travel to Mexico in order to dig their own illegal hoard and send them home via FedEx. ‍ It is vital to protect rare species in the wild.   

Soft and succulent for contrast

Going hand in hand with cacti are succulents. These less dangerous and unimposing house plants are soft and beautiful, often with rosette-shaped foliage which seems almost to spin like a kaleidoscope as you admire the fleshy, sophisticated leaves. ‍ Succulents often have rosette-type foliage which looks like a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. Like cacti, these are also drought-tolerant plants with an easy-care label. Almost impossible to kill, in fact, making them ideal for the busy professional who has a lot going on. ‍ Easy peasy succulents are so easy to keep and they improve the indoor environment too.


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