Sansevieria Moonshine in a 17cm Pot Mother in Laws Tongue

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sansieveria moonshine 17

Sansevieria 'Moonshine' is an exceptionally architecturally-pleasing house plant that has a vertical emphasis thanks to its multiple straight succulent stems. This attractive plant likes to occupy a medium light position but it can also tolerate a certain amount of shade.

  • This is not frost hardy and should be kept indoors.
  • It is a slow-growing succulent.
  • The vertical foliage fits within a contemporary setting and it is highly 'on-trend'!
  • Comes from the same family as mother-in-law's tongue.
  • Also known as the snake plant.
  • Take care not to over water this plant. Water when the compost feels dry.
  • Water less during winter.
  • Sold in a 17cm pot.
  • Approximately 55cm tall, including the pot.


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