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Your guide to Perfect Plants

Get inspired with new ideas for enhancing your space with plants.

By Perfect Plants

Winter Warmers!

Warm your winter with some radiant plants! One of the things that we all need during winter is warmth. Most of us are fortunate to have centrally heated homes or at least a heater of some sort around which to huddle when skies are grey. But warmth and cheer don't...

By Perfect Plants

Christmas trees and living gifts for a gardener's delight.

Gardening and Christmas: a marriage made in heaven! Where would we be without the humble Christmas tree? You don't need to be a gardener or even a garden-lover to be able to appreciate the sight of a twinkling, festive tree. It's one of the symbols of Christmas that most of...

By Perfect Plants

8 of the best autumn fruits and interesting stems

The flowers are fading in the garden. Leaves are falling. But the autumn fruits; interesting stems and stunning foliage are taking centre stage. In fact there is always excitement to be found outside, if you care to seek it out. Here's 8 of the best for autumn glory (in our...

By Perfect Plants

6 WAYS to be WOWED now Autumn is here

One week until it's OCTOBER. Now we have passed the Autumn (or Vernal) Equinox, there's no denying that the nights are drawing in. Shall we celebrate? Don't think of October as a dull and dreary month. After all, the skies will soon be ablaze with autumn colour and there's no...

By Perfect Plants

9 ways to have fun outside in the 9th month of the year

Nine ways to have fun with plants and vegetables during the 9th month! Do your kids or grandchildren show any interest in the garden? If not, are you 'bovvered'?  Do you mind the fact that most of today's small people seem to love their digital world better than the 'real',...

By Perfect Plants

The September Harvest - Keep Planting!

Who thinks festivals are a new idea? The September harvest (festival).      September is a time when gardeners have their hands full. Literally. The harvest is bountiful for those who have been gaily growing.  Harvest festivals are an age-old tradition that offer a magnificent celebration of food - a...

By Perfect Plants

How can I love my late summer garden?

It's late August already. Can you believe it? We wait all year for summer and it seems to be over in a flash. But actually, August in the garden can be a strange month so perhaps we should celebrate it drawing to an end. There's an air of neglect and...

By Perfect Plants

Get Set for Summer. 10 Drought Tolerant Plants that Love to Sizzle

Get Set for Summer. 10 Drought Tolerant Plants that Love to Sizzle It's the Summer Solstice this Sunday, 21 June! It also happens to be Fathers Day  For garden-lovers the summer solstice means you get to spend the longest day in your favourite place. It's the day when the sun...

By Perfect Plants

Fifty Shades of Green - why they are better than grey

There are far more than fifty shades of green here at Perfect Plants - but also out in the garden early in the year, even before the major growing season has taken off. And although we don't need any red carpets to be able to enjoy entertainment of a 'green'...

By Perfect Plants

What can be enjoyed in a winter garden?

You might think that winter's a dead and dull time in the garden but actually it's an incredibly active period for birds. This is the perfect time to prepare an ideal wildlife environment and your bird-table generosity will not only help these tiny creatures survive the ravages of winter but...

By Perfect Plants

Prolonging late summer colour

Do you have lots of late summer colour? If there are gaps in your garden as summer wafts onwards towards autumn, never fear! You are not alone - in fact the latter part of the season is often referred to as dire for flowers because of spent flowerheads, dryness and...

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