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Your guide to Perfect Plants

Get inspired with new ideas for enhancing your space with plants.

By Perfect Plants

Five tasks for the autumn garden. Love your lawn!

What to do with the lawn now autumn is here With the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness upon us, it's just about the end of the lawn-care year. And while some people will be heaving a sign of relief, secure in the knowledge that they can put the mower...

By Perfect Plants

Turning up the heat. It's the hottest September since 1911!

Turning up the heat in the garden. Coping with climate change Heat... how wonderful that most of us are able to continue wearing summer clothes. It's officially the hottest September since 1911. An Indian summer is a great thing for most of us and for our gardens. Or is it?...

By Perfect Plants

Six ways to keep cool! Enjoy the garden in hot weather this July & August.

Feeling hot in the garden? Are you feeling hot? There's been quite a bit of heat lately. Perhaps you have realised that your garden has been planned to catch as much sun as possible. Shade seems unnecessary when the skies are generally grey.  It's not until the hot weather hits...

By Perfect Plants

Will you suffer a summer flowering garden gap and drought?

Six garden pleasures to enjoy and drought problems to avoid this spring and summer From May through to at least September we can bask in the hope and even the reality that the garden is ready to be enjoyed. The suggestion of a drought feels like a welcome change after...

By Perfect Plants

April Fool! Garden fun in the spring silly season

Don't be a fool this April! Garden fun for this spring month ‍Spot the fool... is it you? Think you can plant out your summer bedding this April? You would be a fool there is always a chance of frost and even snow and your plants will all expire. ‍...

By Perfect Plants

Time for contemplation...resurrect your garden this Easter

Eight garden thoughts to contemplate as Easter approaches It's almost Easter! A mellow holiday weekend during which time you might want to contemplate the shape of things to come in your garden. This is the start of the outdoor season and it's a great time to organise your space. Does your garden...

By Perfect Plants

Shapes in winter. Beauty, not a beast, awaits those who care to notice.

There's nothing like a gloomy winter's day to make you aware of what looks cheerful and uplifting in the garden. If you want flowers, there's a limitation on the number and variety of what might be available right now. But let's take heart and look a little closer. What can...

By Perfect Plants

CELEBRATE the Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is coming... prepare to wear RED and celebrate on Monday, Feb 8th. The New Year is approaching! And even if you have only just sobered up after the most recent New Year celebrations, this Chinese version needs a bit more of your attention. But what exactly does...

By Perfect Plants

Blooming sensations in winter. Are the flowers early?

What's blooming in your garden? There's no doubt that winter in the south east has been mild up until now. Like it or loathe it, there's not a lot that we can do to control the weather. But what effect does this have on your garden? There have been many...

By Perfect Plants

Happy New Year

New Year, new shoots, enjoy turning over a new leaf ‍The turning of a year is a great opportunity for making a fresh start A new year. The turning of a seasonal page is, of course, a great opportunity to make a fresh start. It's probably no surprise that nearly...

By Perfect Plants

Three Wise Kings and Things for Christmas

It's the right time of year for a Christmas story... (and don't worry, there's still time to order for delivery before Christmas) This is all about the wise.  Not owls, like this stone plant pot cover and this owl woven planter ‍ The wise old stone plant pot cover £7.50 (+p&p)...

By Perfect Plants

Christmas Trees: keep them sparkling!

Ode to the Christmas Tree.  There's nothing quite like a real tree for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. The sight; the scent; the effect. Real trees seem to cast better shadows; they hold the lights and decorations with rather more individual charm; they fill the house with aroma and they arouse...

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