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6 WAYS to be WOWED now Autumn is here

One week until it's OCTOBER. Now we have passed the Autumn (or Vernal) Equinox, there's no denying that the nights are drawing in. Shall we celebrate?

Don't think of October as a dull and dreary month. After all, the skies will soon be ablaze with autumn colour and there's no more glorious sight than red, gold and yellow dripping from the trees. Let's just see which deciduous trees will be giving us their best FREE display during the month of October and even into November. LIQUIDAMBAR: You'll have to hunt around to find a better autumn fireworks show. This elegant and stately specimen has star-shaped leaves which will improve in vibrant colour as the month progresses. It will eventually grow to 25m so not recommended for a balcony or postage stamp garden!

The stately Liquidambar has leaves that turn red, orange and scarlet in October. QUERCUS 'RUBRA', the Red Oak: Another large beauty that is magnificent in October and November, with bright red foliage.

Quercus 'Rubra' is a member of the Oak family that turns an eyewatering shade of red in autumn. ACERS. There are so many: and each has something different to offer. In autumn you will see that Acers are turning vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red.

Acer rubrum goes out in an amazing blaze of scarlet in Autumn

Acer trees can give some of the strongest Autumn colours, with some varieties turning yellow, others orange and many of them scarlet                         AMELANCHIER: The June Berry or Serviceberry has something for all seasons and it rewards us at this time of year with a wonderful red and golden display.

The Amelanchier is a decorative small tree, giving something arresting in almost every season.   If you prefer golden and yellow - look at these two beauties: LIRIODENDRON TULIPIFERA with its distinctive leaves and wonderful stately shape.

Liriodendron tulipifera - just look at that sunny shade of yellow! And finally, the lovely GINKGO BILOBA: the Maidenhair tree that is the only survivor of an ancient group of trees that pre-date the dinosaurs!

Gingko biloba - you can see the splash of autumn yellow from a great distance.   That's certainly giving us a lot to celebrate. What else can brighten us up this month?

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