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Jungle fever shows no sign of slowing down. The trend for house plants continues.

Jungle fever spreads within interior design

There’s no doubt about it, jungle fever is spreading like a delightfully twining virus. The interior design trend for the urban jungle-look has taken a firm hold and it shows no sign of wilting.  The jungle theme, so it seems, is here to stay.   In fact, as we move through the seasons from summer into winter, people tend to strengthen the desire for tropical-style rooms. They are achieved with the use of exotic vegetation, living walls, horticulture-themed fabrics, splashes of colour and wallpapers. It appears that as we close doors on the cold outdoors we are now choosing to luxuriate in the sensation of warm and mysterious tropical jungles.

house plants, houseplants, jungle, interior design, plants, decor, living art, perfectplants.co.uk, alocasia, cheese plant, philodrendron, climber, hanging plant, Hanging plants and house plants with big leaves make for a great jungle atmosphere!
jungle, house plants, houseplants, plant, planting, ferns, palms, begonia, alocasia, perfectplants.co.uk, Jungles are exotic, mysterious places that make you want to explore. Indoors, plants improve the atmosphere are clean the air.

Bring nature into the home. It's good for you, and 'on trend' too.

It is well known that plants clean the environment and actually help to keep us healthy. Particularly now that we are immersed in so many invisible radio, WiFi and microwave radiation fields.  Plants actually absorb these potentially damaging waves along with other toxins, so they really do provide a valuable function as well as beauty.

The jungle-look can be easily achieved with the help of luscious foliage.

alocasia 'zebrina', Microsorum 'Crocodyllus', house plants, houseplants, jungle, interior design, plants Alocasia 'Zebrina' and Microsorum 'Crocodyllus' are two brilliant jungle plants!

It could be enhanced by adding exotic prints, a touch of colour-clashing boldness, some vibrant patterns and a trendy mix of ‘up-cycling’ – all of which will allow you to achieve something that feels unique. The trends for next year seem set to continue with the jungle and wild themes which certainly promise to liven up our living spaces. House plants are no longer considered to be an afterthought. Indeed they are actively integrated into the décor and can actually dictate the style of the space around them.

alocasia, Polly, houseplant, house plant, jungle, plant, decor, interior design, trend, 2016 Alocasia come in all sorts of shapes and most of them have hugely interesting leaves. This one is called 'Polly'.

Plants bring a house alive and there's something suitable for every home.

House plants can also be used to create elegance within a simple, monochrome setting; they can add a touch of modernity within industrial-themed environments, even emphasise the quirky nature of the surroundings. How versatile they are!

indoor, palm, house plant, houseplant, plant, design, interior, decor, furnishings Indoor palm trees add a certain elegance to home and office.
quirky, house plants, houseplants, living, sculpture, art, decor, interior design, Quirky is good! It makes people smile.


You don’t need to wait until your summer holidays to inject some warmth into your home.

A new coat of paint and a completely fresh persona will change your space. It has the potential to add a vibrantly exciting atmosphere to an interior.  Even some geometric prints and colours that evoke the jungle setting can set the scene when adorned with fabrics… and plants of course. Have some fun!

jungle, print, picture, theme, decor, lounge, plants, houseplants, house plants Cool jungle prints can complete the scene.

10 plants that provide a jungle theme

Looking for a jungle? Choose tropical beauties with large, evergreen leaves. Here are 10 suggestions:

Monstera: the Swiss Cheese Plant

  • The easy-to-care-for cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa). It is so happy to oblige, particularly when supported by a vertical post or moss pole. The leaves develop holes and splits as the plant matures. The foliage can measure a massive 55cm across in older plants.
cheese plant, leaf, splits, jungle, tropical, rainforest. plant, house plant, houseplant Cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa. It has the most beautiful leaves.

Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica

  • Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) are also invaluable. These tough plants can survive most indoor environments and they have the capability to reach up to the ceiling within a few years. They are filled with a rubbery sap which oozes out of the leaves and stem if cut. One of the best house plants to filter the air, Ficus come in many different shades. Avoid the variegated forms if the space is gloomy.
rubber plant, rubber, house plant, houseplant, indoors, planting, decor, design, interior, plant Rubber plant, Ficus elastica, are great jungle-type house plants.

Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum

  • The peace lily, Spathiphyllum, is another jungle-lover. Its glossy, pointed leaves have a great architectural shape and beautiful white flowers emerge from the leaf stalk. Native to the rainforests of Central and Southern America, these plant like a moist compost. Once again they are really good at filtering toxins from the air.
peace lily, lily, jungle, plant, houseplant, house plant, interior design, decor The peace lily is a well-known, rather beautiful house plant that has great air-filtering properties.

Philodendrons, many different varieties

  • Philodendrons, in all their guises, are brilliant plants in a jungle. ‘Xanadu’ is particularly eye-catching at it has gloriously dissected, lobed leaves which eventually measure up to 40cm long.
philodendron 'xanadu', house plant, houseplant, interior design, plant, decor Philodendron 'Xanadu' is a stately, jungle house plant that has a great form.

Schefflera, the Umbrella Plant

  • Schefflera, often known as umbrella plants because of the leaf shape, are great in a jungle! There are several different types and they can easily grow to a height of 2m indoors. A high tolerance of neglect is another attraction!
umbrella plant, houseplant, house plant, schefflera, plant, decor, interior design Schefflera is also known as the umbrella plant. It's definitely worthy of a place in a jungle-themed room.

Crassula, Money Tree

  • Crassula ovata, a range of jade or money trees, make another lovely jungle-themed addition. When trained to have a clear stem these can look like trees in miniature.
crassula hobbit, succulent, house plant, houseplant, tree, interior design Crassula ovata is a plant that can look like a miniature tree.


  • Anthurium including the beautiful ‘Black Queen’ are wonderful jungle plants with large, waxy flowers which appear against a backdrop of glossy heart shaped leaves. This tropical plant hails from the rainforests of South America and is quite at home in a lounge.
anthurium 'Black Queen', house plant, houseplant, interior decor, design, jungle Anthurium 'Black Queen' would look at home in the jungle or in the lounge.

Indoor Palms


Alocasia, the Elephant Ear Plant

  • Alocasia, or ‘elephant ears’ are brilliant foliage plants with luscious, large leaves, some of which can grow to a huge size. Perfect in a jungle!
alocasia, houseplants, house plant, interior design, decor, plant, jungle Alocasia have the most amazing foliage.

Strelitzia, Bird of Paradise

  • Some jungle plants produce showy flowers. The bird of paradise flowers, Strelitzia reginae, are a great example. The plant itself can easily grow to 2m high indoors and the flowers, when they appear in summer, are orange and blue. They look like the beaks of an exotic bird.
bird of paradise, strelitzia, flower, plant, house plant, tropical, jungle, decor The bird of paradise flower is highly exotic.