Crassula ovata Sunset house plant in 25cm pot Jade or money Tree Approx 50cm tall

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crassula sunset 25 50

Crassula house plants are often known as money trees or jade plants and this large one is Crassula ovata 'Sunset'. It is highly architectural and the lower parts of the stems can be cleared of leaves to make it into more of a 'tree' form. Provided you place it in a sunny, bright position, this plant is easy-to-care-for.

It is sometimes used for Feng Shui in order to harmonise the energy in a home, linking an interior with the outside. The energy of this plant is said to come from its well-rooted stem which promotes new growth. Placement of the plants within a hope is sometimes seen as the key which reflects this growing energy in your own bank balance!

Please note that all the plants are slightly different in shape from the one in the picture, but they will be approximately the same size to that stated.

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Also known as the Money plant, Jade plant or friendship tree, Crassula has grey-green fleshy leaves.
  • These succulent house plants are reputed to bring wealth to the household. Just stroke the leaves and see what happens!
  • Treat as a house plant in the UK.
  • Crassula enjoy a sunny, light position.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Water regularly but do not allow this plant to stand in water. Allow to partially dry out between waterings.
  • Evergreen plant has leaves that are tinged with yellow and edged in red.
  • Large plant, all vary slightly in shape.
  • These are in a 25cm pot and stand approx 50cm tall including container
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