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Swiss Cheese Plant with Moss Pole

Monstera Pertusum is similar to Monstera Deliciosa but is a real climber and comes with a moss pole to support. More commonly known as a Swiss Cheeseplant or Split leaf...

Alocasia (Zebrina)

Alocasia zebrina owes its name to the unique and eye-catching yellow and black zebra print markings found on its stems that contrast with its lush green leaves These tropical plants...
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Bird of Paradise (Nicolai)

Strelitzia Reginae or the Bird of Paradise plants has arching emerald banana like leaves to bring the jungle into your home. These are slow growing plants, so buy them as...
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Staghorn Fern Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

This is a wonderfully weird plant with two types of fronds, kidney shaped fronds that are mid to deep green and later turns brown, and grey green erect fronds forked...
Alocasia (Portodora) Alocasia (Portodora)

Alocasia (Portodora)

Alocosia Portodora has upright, glossy emerald green, lush tropical foliage. These tropical plants feature stunning foliage and can produce enormous heart shaped or arrow shaped leaves giving them their common...

Alocasia (Polly)

Alocasia Polly is otherworldly looking with its unique foliage. This Alocasia has deep green, waxy leaves with bold cream-colored lines. These tropical plants feature stunning foliage and can produce enormous...
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Dolphin Plant (Senecio Peregrinus)

Senecio peregrinus - flying dolphins, dolphin necklace, dolphin plant - is a beautiful, succulent plant up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall with leaves that look like tiny, little dolphins...
Lipstick Plant (Mona Lisa Red) Lipstick Plant (Mona Lisa Red)

Lipstick Plant (Mona Lisa Red)

The Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa plant originates from Asia where is lives in the humid forests as an epiphyte growing in nooks on trees and rocks. With dark green leaves and...

Alocasia (Yucutan Princess)

Alocasia Yucatan Princess boasts dark purple forest leaves on high sturdy long red velvety stalks. The leaves feature a rippled texture and grey-purple undersides. These tropical plants feature stunning foliage...
Alocasia (Wentii) Alocasia (Wentii)

Alocasia (Wentii)

Alocasia Wentii is an impressive plant with wonderful foot long large deep ruby and crimson leaves that arch over gracefully from tall long stems. These tropical plants feature stunning foliage...

Alocasia (Pink Dragon)

Alocasia Pink Dragon is a tropical foliage plant with glossy dark green leaves and deep veins that look like a dragon’s scale. The stems are a beautiful pink and the...

Alocasia (Bambino Arrow)

Alocasia Bambino is one of the best ornamental species in the Alocasia genus. It has gorgeous arrowhead green leaves that are purple underneath and have a bright, stylish venation on...
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