Calathea lancifolia house plant in a 12cm pot. Rattlesnake plant

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Calatheas are house plants loved for their attractive foliage.

  • This Calathea lancifolia has highly decorative patterned leaves and it is grown exclusively for its foliage.
  • It is also known as the Rattlesnake Plant; Peacock or Zebra plant because of its leaf markings.
  • The leaves of this plant stand boldly away from the main stem and these tend to move position during the day in order to catch the light, temperature and humidity.
  • Calathea lancifolia has long, lance-shaped pale green leaves with dark green blotches.
  • The leaves have burgundy red undersides and are rippled at the edges.
  • Sold in a 14 cm pot, the plant is approximately 50cm tall.
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