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Perfect Plants

  • The September Harvest - Keep Planting!


    Who thinks festivals are a new idea? The September harvest (festival). 



    September is a time when gardeners have their hands full. Literally.

    The harvest is bountiful for those who have been gaily growing. 

    vegetable harvest

    Harvest festivals are an age-old tradition that offer a magnificent celebration of food - a gathering held on or near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon. This is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox (this year, on the night of 27 Sept). Traditionally it allowed farmers to continue their harvest late into the night by the light of the full moon. It's also important for migrating birds, many of which are said to rely on the harvest moon in order to commence their migration.

    harvest moon 1

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  • Which plants love bathing in the rain? Here's 5 of the best

    What to do when it rains

    It’s obvious what garden-lovers should be doing when there is precipitation cascading from above. Plan for plants that like the conditions! This is the UK, after all, and one thing is certain – even in areas that are considered to be ‘deserts’ (Dungeness), there is generally quite a bit of rain and there are wet, boggy areas that need a special type of planting.

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  • How can I love my late summer garden?

    It’s late August already. Can you believe it? We wait all year for summer and it seems to be over in a flash. But actually, August in the garden can be a strange month so perhaps we should celebrate it drawing to an end. There’s an air of neglect and wistfulness because schools are closed; people are away on holiday; streets and shops in local towns and villages can be quieter… and many plants are showing a bit of middle-aged wilt. The exuberance of early season has gone. But in its place comes some wonderful treats: Hydrangea; Perovskia; Helenium; Rudbeckia and many more.
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  • Six reasons to get the children out into the garden!

    Summer holidays!  How to have fun with the children...

    The children are enjoying some 'down-time', the sun is shining, the garden is blooming and all is well in your world. Or is it? Are the kids squabbling? Are they bored? Scratchy (the children, not the dog)? It's raining. The flowers are battered. In fact there aren't many flowers, most of them have finished blooming. This is summer. The pinnacle of desire. You have waited all year for this moment and now it's not working out quite as you wished.

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  • Six Garden Tasks for August. Tra la la, can't wait to relax!

    Six sizzling tasks for August in the garden. Tra la la, can’t wait to relax?

    You might be spending this glorious month away on a holiday beach. But if you are a garden-lover, the chances are that you will want to enjoy time in your own special outdoor space. After all, this is the month in which you have the best opportunity to reap the rewards of your labours. August is all about relaxing. That’s what summer’s all about – ISN’T IT?
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  • Turn into a succulent for the summer. A colour theory

    Are you a chameleon or a succulent? A colour theory for summer.


    Crassula Magic Sunset houseplant Succulent houseplants. Why should we mimic them?

    At a time of year when it’s all about colour: think of blue skies; yellow and golden sunshine (we hope); colourful flowers; green grass and bright clothes, we tend to mimic what's going on outside by donning colour-coordinated clothes.  Continue reading

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    A trio to tackle in the garden: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

    What's good in the garden right now? The answer is LOTS. Gardens are alive with bloom; foliage; colour and that most important topic of all: insects. Without them our flowers and fruit will not be pollinated; our birds and small mammals won't have any breakfast and the garden would be a dead and dreary place.

    On that note, let's all join in with the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT. It's good... it's on now and ends on 9 August!

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  • Do you need direction?

    Do you need direction? Some simple tips for your garden

    If there's one thing we all need, it's DIRECTION. Just imagine what chaos it would be on the road without it. People like to know where they are going - whether it's on a motorway; in life; in a job; in a public park or indeed, in a garden. Why?  Because making sense of the things around us means that we can work out what to do. Where to go and how to proceed. It enables us to get the most out of what we are doing. Continue reading

  • What's Hot in your Garden this Week?

    What's Hot in your Garden this Week? 10 Summer Suggestions...

    It's all about water, what with the hot weather and all that. We are SO lucky here in the UK to have all types of weather. And just for the moment it's gloriously HOT!

    Do you need to water your garden? It depends on the plants. Some are like camels - without the spitty habit.
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  • Do You Have Five Gardening Friends?

    Do you have five 'Gardening Friends'?  Tell us who they are...

    Everybody needs friends and most gardeners feel they have many. There's all those lovely plants of course; the creatures in the pond; the birds that visit the table and of course the people that gardeners meet during any sort of garden-related activity. It's no surprise that gardeners generally accumulate a network of like-minded pals. There's the local horticultural club or garden society; the allotmenteers; the neighbours who share plants and information; the garden centre buddies; the elderly residents who are grateful to have a bit of help. When you garden, a budding social world presents itself.
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