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  • 7 Steps to increase the value of your home through your garden

    Our love affair with homes (and gardens): how to increase the value of your property.

    Many of us love to watch Kirstie and Phil (did you know that Phil Spencer’s middle name is Cuthbert, how cool is that?); Homes Under the Hammer; Love It or List It; Grand Designs; George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and a selection of the ever-expanding range of property-related programmes on TV.

    Channel 4 has around 12 or so entertainment outlets based around homes and what you can do with them. Similarly, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent, there are garden-renovation shows too. It proves that there’s a general love affair with homes and gardens, and a compulsion to improve. Part of this is in a bid to achieve a more enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle, but much of it on television is about increasing value and being able to make a profit.

    homes and gardens property programmes on tv the word home made from turf and flowers Home turf! The garden is a vital part of your home and, with the right treatment, it can increase the value of your property.

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  • How to create a garden room to make a plant and people haven

    Enjy a special GUEST BLOG POST about integrating plants into places, written by friendly flooring expert Poshflooring.co.uk, the online store of FlooringREPUBLIC.

    Want to go rustic? How to create your own rustic conservatory... on a budget!

    Conservatories offer more than just additional living space. These wonderful rooms can serve as a rustic transition between the inside and outside of a home.  They provide the perfect platform to create a relaxing and tranquil space to be enjoyed all year round. And what better way to style your conservatory than with a natural theme?
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  • Six fantastic ferns for the home. House plants extraordinaire!

    Six fantastic ferns for the home

    Ferns comes in all sorts of forms, from frilly and airy to glossy and structural. There’s a wide variety of ferns highly suitable for use as house plants. What’s more, these are excellent plants for filtering the air – being highly effective at removing toxins from the home and office.
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  • Christmas gifts for gardeners and garden lovers!

    Christmas gifts to make gardeners happy!

    Need to buy Christmas gifts for gardeners? These people are surely the easiest folk to please during the festive season. Why? Because they generally love anything planty. What’s more, they appreciate tools; outdoor clothing; soothing hand creams, books about gardens, wooden things and natural products… and much more. A love of gardens opens up a whole world of possibility when it comes to gifts.
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  • What is Feng Shui and how do we use it in our homes and gardens?

    What is Feng Shui and how does it affect us?

    The mystery of feng shui is easily unravelled once you peel back the layers of language and ideas. What is feng shui? And how does a feng shui novice use it in their home and garden?

    The concept is simple and can be reduced to the basic feeling of being comfortable within a space. You have probably noticed how your surroundings can make you react. For example, most of us have a preference when it comes to choosing a table at which to sit within a café.  We like to have a view of our surroundings and to have easy access. The same principles can be applied to a home.
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  • Jungle fever shows no sign of slowing down. The trend for house plants continues.

    Jungle fever spreads within interior design

    There’s no doubt about it, jungle fever is spreading like a delightfully twining virus. The interior design trend for the urban jungle-look has taken a firm hold and it shows no sign of wilting.  The jungle theme, so it seems, is here to stay.   In fact, as we move through the seasons from summer into winter, people tend to strengthen the desire for tropical-style rooms. They are achieved with the use of exotic vegetation, living walls, horticulture-themed fabrics, splashes of colour and wallpapers. It appears that as we close doors on the cold outdoors we are now choosing to luxuriate in the sensation of warm and mysterious tropical jungles.
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  • Cut flowers for the home, here's 10 of the best


    Enhance your home with cut flowers

    Cut flowers can enhance the home in an instant. The interiors of the smallest bedsit through to the largest mansion house are all lifted and improved by adding a few cut flowers. Flowers from the petrol filling station are better than nothing, but should, perhaps be viewed as a last resort. There’s far better effect to be gained by simply picking a few seemingly random bits from the garden or even the verge or hedgerow. Taking care, of course, not to take flowers that have been deliberately grown by others unless they have given permission. These cut flowers and even ‘weeds’ can be casually popped into a pot. Voila! Instant appeal.
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  • 10 good reasons to surround yourself with houseplants!

    10 Reasons why YOU need House Plants

    It’s official! Surrounding yourself with house plants and office plants can enhance your health and your life. And it’s not just about aesthetics. Plants looks beautiful and they have calming properties that help to combat stress. They also help people stay healthy. We all know that plants give out oxygen, but actually they do far more than this. The foliage of plants absorbs gases through pores.  Yes, this includes carbon dioxide which fuels photosynthesis but it also includes many other gases including many different volatile organic compounds.
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