Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Abidjan. One plant in 14cm pot. Unusual foliage.

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This charming house plant has dark, luscious green leaves with a hint of burgundy. It is therefore highly unusual. What's more, this is one of the most effective plants for filtering the air.

  • It absorbs toxins and is therefore a great plant for improving the environment in both homes and offices.
  • Ficus elastica 'Abidjan' is very easy to look after. Can withstand a certain amount of neglect!
  • It should be kept out of direct sunlight. 
  • Suitable for dark corners and low-light situations but can also tolerate natural light.
  • The plant can be pruned in order to fit the space you have for it. It produces a white, sticky, milky sap when cut. Hence the name 'rubber plant'. This is slightly toxic, so do not ingest.
  • Sold as anice bushy plant in a 14cm pot.
  • About 40cm tall.

Please note: The height quoted for this plant is a guide only. These plants are living and therefore will grow! The plant you receive might be a slightly different size to the one you see in the photograph.

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