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Your guide to Perfect Plants

Get inspired with new ideas for enhancing your space with plants.

By Perfect Plants

How can history be a new idea in a garden?

Did you know that the iconic Sussex Trug hails from Herstmonceux?   And did you know that this picturesque village is also home to Perfect Plants Ltd?  Why should you be interested?  Because a link to history can form the basis for individual design and atmosphere within an outdoor space....

By Perfect Plants

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show - 10 reasons why you should visit

Did you know that RHS Chelsea Flower Show  is the most famous show ot its kind in the word? It's undeniably wonderful, stimulating, inspirational and any other positive adjectives that you care to plant in front of its name. It's definitely the place to be in May each year. Why? ... Because the...

By Perfect Plants

The Miniature World of Gardens

  During spring, with the topic of RHS Chelsea being a top attraction, the entire subject of gardens is always ameliorated into the position of centre stage. It's all about structure, landscaping, planting, colours, scent, water and above all else, enjoyment. Hurrah, that's just as it should be. It's the time of year...

By Perfect Plants

It's time for Hanging Baskets! An easy guide to making something beautiful with flowers

‍The merry month of May is just about the perfect month for most garden-lovers in the UK. There's so much to look forward to, including RHS Chelsea and a plethora of planty things to enjoy right now. The lawns, as you will no doubt have noticed, are growing with a vibrant spring energy,...

By Perfect Plants

On your toes, get set... GROW - tomatoes! But why shouldn't you grow them from standard fruit seed?

If you are thinking of growing tomatoes by using seed from fruit you are eating, a word of helpful advice. DON'T! But why not?    Firstly, let's look at WHEN you might start to grow tomatoes. They actually take quite a long time, at least least four months from sowing to...

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