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  • How to reap your garden harvest and enjoy through winter.

    Harvest happiness, how to enjoy the fruits of your labour for longer

    What an amazing time of year. The trees are gradually beginning to transform  during October and the colours within the vegetable garden are golden. Garden harvests are being reaped and those with the time and inclination are researching recipes for preserving.

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  • Does good luck exist, and which house plants might give it a boost?

    Lucky or not?

    Is there such thing as being lucky? Does bad luck come in threes? If you break a mirror, do you expect seven years of negative happenings? What about that black cat that crossed your path yesterday? Do you walk around ladders rather than under them, avoid the number 13, take care to hang a horseshoe so that the luck doesn’t run out of the opening and expect a portion of doom if you knock over the salt pot? If you come from Japan, you might believe that number four and nine are unlucky. In Italy, the number 17 is highly undesirable. On the Isle of Man, you could be in for some trouble if you mention rats rather than ‘longtails’. And woe betide you if you utter the word (whisper) Macbeth whilst inside a theatre.

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  • The best gardening trends for autumn and beyond

    Why there's no need to stop gardening in autumn!

    Gardening as an industry is in constant motion. Contrary to popular belief, enthusiasm rarely slows. Instead, we adaptable humans simply plan according to the times. As we enter autumn, there are as many gardening trends as there are in May. So what’s new for the near future?

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  • 9 plants to help keep insects away from your home

    No flies on me: which plants will help to keep bugs out of my space?

    The weather will soon cool after the mini-heatwave in August, but those hot, sunny days promoted a rise in insect numbers. If you are still swatting flies and wasps in your home, you might like to consider a little biological control in the form of plants. Some flowers and foliage give off an aroma that bugs would rather avoid. Fill your windowsills and kitchens with pots or vases of the following in order to help deter insects.
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  • Tell me about carnivorous plants, will they eat my child's finger?

    Heard of a Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula)? Of course you have. But do you know how carnivorous plants actually work? Are they a threat to small animals, perhaps, and can they bite your finger? Why do they need to catch prey rather than live off the soil? Charles Darwin apparently described the Venus fly traps as some of the “most wonderful plants in the world”.

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  • Why do we like plants more than we used to?

    Where and why do people buy plants?

    It is estimated that around two thirds of adults living in the UK pay a visit to a garden centre to buy plants, every year. For the majority, this is viewed as a pleasurable and relaxing outing. It might also involve a stop-off at the on-site café, if there is one. Therefore, a garden centre visit is a generally a leisure or lifestyle choice. Those wanting to buy plants in large numbers for specific purposes will normally purchase directly from the grower or trade nursery. But now, more than 70 per cent of the population prefer to shop online. It saves them the physical travel to a retail outlet. But does this shopping habit encompass plants too? Continue reading

  • Gardening – the ultimate green and sustainable occupation. Or is it?

    How sustainable is your garden habit?

    As part of nature, plants themselves are perfectly balanced. They grow organically, they bear fruit and seed and some of this is eaten by animals and humans. Eventually they die and return everything and more back to the soil. Plants in their natural surroundings are in harmony with nature. Plant matter which is farmed or grown for pleasure can eventually be composted and fully re-used. Even water that is used to help plants thrive is recyclable in terms of photosynthesis, evaporation and rain. Continue reading

  • How to stop slugs and snails eating your precious plants

    Are slugs and snails having a feast at your expense?

    It’s summertime and slugfest has started! In these day of enlightenment (or an awakening of common sense), it would be encouraging to hope that most people have sealed their poisonous pots for good. But how do you stop slugs and snails (not to mention vine weevils and lily beetles) from decimating your patch of paradise?
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  • 5 Stress busting plants that will help to make you feel good

    Health and wellbeing is important and plants can be our stress-busting friends

    We all know that plants are good for us, but some are even better than others. Both indoors and out, there are plants that aid health and wellbeing. Indeed, the act of caring for plants also has a positive, stress busting effect on the soul.

    Here’s five plant favourites for your good health:

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  • Avoid making these 8 gardening mistakes in your patch of paradise

    There are many common gardening mistakes that people make in their outdoor spaces, resulting in inconvenience; increased workload or even major problems for them later. As in general life, it’s a good idea to think before you act! Timely effort, planning and paying attention to detail is the way to go.

    Avoid these gardening errors - your future will be both easier and more pleasurable:

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