Alocasia Stingray House Plant in a 17cm Pot. Approx 60cm tall

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alocasia stingray 17

Alocasia 'Stingray' is a highly unusual form of elephant's ear that develops a leaf form that looks rather like the wings and tail of a stingray! The leaves of this plant point upwards and outwards and the whip at the end of the tail very much resembles the marine animal.

  • This plant likes moisture and light, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • It originates from Thailand where it inhabits the tropical rain forests of Asia.
  • It therefore likes dappled light and warm temperatures, also high humidity.
  • New leaves unfurl quickly once the plant is happy in its location.
  • Can grow up to 1.8m tall if it's in a favourable location.
  • Water regularly but never allow the compost to remain soggy.
  • One plant growing in a 17cm pot.
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