Alocasia cucullata exotic house plant in 21cm pot. Approx 75cm tall

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alocasia cucullata 21 75

Alocasia cucullata is an unusual house plant that is also known as Chinese Taro.

  • Quite different from other Alocasias in appearance.
  • It is a small elephant ear, growing only to about 1 metre high, and is comparatively hardy.
  • The small leaves are heart shaped, with thick prominent veining on the underside, and each with curly, twisted tips and upturned leaf margins.
  • The unusual leaves give it its common name of ‘Hooded Elephant Ear’.
  • In Asian countries, the plant is often called ‘Buddha’s Hand’. Residents in Thailand place the plant in their front doors, and when the wind blows, the leaves are like Buddha's hand, waving good luck and fortune into the home.
  • The plant can eventually form a nice thick clump approximately 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide. Usually the plant becomes multi-stemmed even when quite young.
  • These are fast growing, but don’t get too large – perfect for a spot where you want to bring in a feel of the tropics but don’t have room for a large plant.
  • In its natural habitat, it can often be found even at reasonably high altitudes and is quite cold hardy, handling even minor frost.
  • Sold as a house plant here in the UK - this plant is growing in a 21cm pot.
  • The height, including the pot, is around 75cms.
  • Please note that the plant you receive won't be exactly the same as the one in the photo. Every plant is different.
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