Trees are the giants of the plant world. They can have a single stem or trunk with side branches higher off the ground. Multi-stemmed trees are also highly desirable.
Trees play an important role: not only in gardens by providing structure, form, colour and shade, but within the environment too:
  • They absorb carbondioxide and give out oxygen
  • Trees can also absorb pollution
  • The roots anchor the soil thus preventing erosion
  • They soak up rainwater which helps to manage water
  • They provide habitats for a multitude of creatures
  • They can create a windbreak and shelter
It is said that the destruction of trees has contributed to flooding problems across the world.

There are trees for every garden - some are miniature and grow to little more than 1m tall whilst others can reach over 80metres in height!

For your convenience the trees in this selection have been grouped according to size. Most gardens have space for a tree, if only in miniature form - and some can even be grown in pots. 

One of the favourite trees for small to medium gardens is an ornamental cherry. Read about 10 of the best HERE

And here are 10 trees suitable for small gardens.

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