Grow Your Own, Fruit, Veg. & Herbs

Grow Your Own, Fruit, Veg. & Herbs

Growing tomatoes, grow your own
Pots of herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano
Chives growing in a kitchen garden or allotment

Grow-Your-Own for a culinary feast! Fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown specifically for eating and drinking. They are well known for having immense health-giving properties and many people grow all they need for home consumption. Not only does growing your own produce great food, but it's a whole social experience too. Join an allotment and you will have friends forever. If you only have time or space for a small vegetable patch in your own garden try growing runner beans, potatoes and courgettes. They are simple!

Herbs are highly flavoured and were once used to cunningly disguise the taste of rotting meat! A herb is any plant with leaves, seeds or flowers used for flavouring not only food but also medicine and perfume. These plants play widely overlapping roles within a garden as they are often grown for their decorative flowers or foliage in addition to their delicious culinary possibilities.

Read about some of the best herbs to grow in your garden.

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