Euphorbia eritrea cactus type house plant. Approx 80-90cm tall

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Euphorbia eritrea is a succulent 'cactus' house plant which is also known as Candelabrum. This handsome plant is not strictly a cactus but is similarly easy to keep provided you provide a bright, light spot and don't allow the roots to sit in soggy compost.

  • Slow growing, easy plant to look after, happy growing indoors. 
  • Summer and winter: place in a clear and sunny spot
  • March to September keep only slightly damp.
  • Can feed during the growing season but restrict it to every 2wks maximum.
  • In winter : little water with no feed.
  • These plants enjoy being in quite small pots, repot in very later winter, early spring. Just move up one pot size only.
  • Sold in a 21cm pot.
  • Currently around 80-90cm tall.
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