Yucca Tree with 3 stems. Tall plant at 90-95cm.

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yucca 2 stem

The Yucca makes a very easy house plant as it requires little maintenance yet gives good structure and provides a focal point. These striking house plants have good architectural presence and they are easy to care for. In fact, they can be grown either indoors or out. Yuccas have strappy, sword-shaped sharp foliage which maintains a good structure as it is stiff. The leaves grow from a woody stem and having multiple stems in one pot forms a great visual effect. The plant produces new leaves on the top of the stem and the older foliage yellows before falling off.

  • This plant likes a bright position but prefers not to be in direct sunlight.
  • Each plant has a good trunk and generally one or more sprouting areas.
  • Water regularly but do not allow the plant to stand in water.
  • This Yucca is sold in a 21cm pot and it stands approximately 90cm tall.
  • These are living, growing plants, therefore the size might vary and the photo might not be exactly the same as the plant you receive.


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