XXL Euphorbia Ingens Cactus plant in a 24cm Pot. Approx 100cm tall

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euphorbia 24 100

Ephorbia ingens is a succulent plant that is often described as a cactus. It is also known as a candelabrum cactus because it can grow side branches rather like a candelara shape.

Slow growing, easy plant to look after provided it is given lots of light.

  • Treat as a house plant here in the UK.
  • March to September keep moderately watered but never allow the compost to remain soggy.
  • Feed every 2wks or so during the growing season only.
  • In winter : little water with no feed. Allow the plant to become semi-dormant.
  • Currently growing in a 24cm diameter pot.
  • This plant, including the pot, is around 100cms tall.
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