XXL Euphorbia ingens, also known as Eritrea. Cactus type house plant in 24cm pot Approx 100-110cm tall

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Eritrea 110

Ephorbia ingens comes from East Africa from a region called Eritrea. It is also known as a candelabrum cactus. This handsome house plant isn't strictly a cactus, but more of a succulent. It certainly has style and makes a great architectural feature for a bright, light home or office location.

  • Slow growing.
  • Likes a sunny spot indoors.
  • Naturally forms with side-branches, hence it is often called a cowboy or candelabra cactus.
  • Water regularly between March to September as this plant likes to be kept very slightly damp.
  • It can be fed monthly during the warmer months.
  • Take care never to allow the plant to sit in water, however, as this can lead to root rot.
  • During winter, give only a  little water with no feed.
  • These plants like to be kept fairly root-bound in smaller pot.
  • You can re-pot in later winter or early spring.
  • Currently growing in a 24cm pot.
  • Measures around 110-110cm tall.
  • Please note that every plant is different and won't be exactly as it appears in the photo. 
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