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Apple (Malus) Winter Gem tree in a 12L Pot - Cordon - Rootstock M9

Apple (Malus) Winter Gem tree in a 12L Pot - Cordon - Rootstock M9

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Apple (Malus) Winter Gem tree

Grimes Golden x Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Wins flavour contests consistently. Exceptional quality. Attractive pink flush. Rich and aromatic. A strong grower and needs good pollination as a shy cropper in some years. (Kent circa 1984)

Grown in the field as a 2 year tree followed by a final year as container grown. This growing cycle involves 4-6 pruning operations to develop short spur bearing branches from 0.4m upwards with a dominant central leader. Minimum height 1.4m.


  • Use - Eating
  • Rootstock M9 (see below)
  • Flowering group 3
  • Diseaese resistance
  • Picking month - Early October
  • Stores until March

Rootstock explained:

  • M.27 - Very Dwarf: Produces the true mini tree, varieties reaching no more than 2M with little support required, excellent for the small garden.
  • M.9 - Dwarf: Very productive but needs permanent staking for support. Ideal for cordons.
  • M.26 - Semi Dwarf: Requires support on most sites. Good for bush and cordon in limited spaces.
  • M.116 - Medium: 10% less vigorous than MM.106, phytophora/collar rot and woolly aphid resistant.
  • MM.106 - Semi Vigorous: General Purpose, suitable for bush, cordon and half standards of most varieties, staking only required on sites which are exposed. Wooly aphid resistant.
  • MM.111 - Vigorous:As for MM.106 but more ideal for half standards, no staking required
  • M.25 - Very Vigorous: Ideal for full standard and straight leads

Please allow up to five days for delivery. Pictures in this listing are library pictures that reflect the trees' main qualities and are for reference only

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