Wild Flower Seed Mix for Woodland and Heavy Shade - 10g

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Wild flower mix designed to to grow in heavy shade and woodland situations. 100% native UK origin

Contains a mix of 15 wild flowers and 7 different grasses to create a natural meadow that has some colour and interest throughout the year.

Flowers include:- Bleubell, Figwort, Foxglove, Geater Stitchwort, Hairy St Johns Wort, Hedge Besdstraw, Hemp Agrimony, Meadowsweet, Nettle Leaved Bellflower, Red Campion, Water Avens, Wild Angelica, Wood Sage, Wood Vetch, Yellow Archangel

Grasses include:- Browntop Bentgrass, Chewings Fescue, Crested Dogtail, Sheeps Fescue, Slender Red Fescue, Tufted Hairgrass, Wood Meadowgrass.

Sowing time throughout the year, with best results sowing March/April and August to September

Sowing rate 5g/m2 - bulk up the mixtures with silica sand when sowing to make it easier to broadcast the seeds evenly. Then rake the seed lightly into the surface.

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