Vanilla Planifoliea Plant on a Trellis. Vanilla Orchid

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Vanilla planifolia is the source of vanilla, one of the most popular flavours in the world, and weight for weight, one of the most valuable spice crops.

The vanilla orchid Vanilla planifolia grows wild in tropical forests and belongs to one of the oldest and largest groups of flowering plants – the orchids (Orchidaceae). Of all the orchids, the vanillas (members of the Vanilla genus) are the only ones that produce an agriculturally valuable crop, and 95% of the world’s traded vanilla pods are derived from just one species – V. planifolia.

After pollination, vanilla pods develop over four weeks and are then harvested, dried and cured to produce the distinctive flavour we know and love. The pods may be used whole, or split and the tiny seeds scraped out, to infuse cream and custard-based sauces.

Sold in a 14cm Hanging Pot

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