Tree Fern Trunk Size 70cm. Overall height approx 200-210cm

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tree fern log 70cmm

Dicksonia antartica are the iconic tree ferns. These are imported from Australia from sustainable stocks.

This particular plant has a trunk size of up to 70cm tall and over overall height, including the pot and fronds is up to 210cm. This will vary according to the time of year it is purchased. 

This is one of the oldest plant species in the world!

Dicksonia antarctica is native to Australia and New Zealand and it provides a dramatic statement in the garden.  Because their natural habitat is beneath the tree canopy within mature forests, tree ferns thrive in shade, although they can tolerate a certain amount of sunshine. The key to good health is watering. Here’s how to keep your tree fern happy:

  • Situation in semi-shade is ideal.
  • Protect from winds and draughts as much as possible.
  • Likes moist, humus-rich soil.
  • These plants absorb their nutrients and moisture through the central ‘crown’ of the plant.
  • Planting: Place around 10cm deep into the soil. Use a stout stake (or one each side) to hold it firmly into position. These plants team very well with shade-loving groundcover ferns and these can be used to hide the stakes.
  • Water particularly well and regularly for several months after planting.
  • General watering: Tree ferns like high humidity. Keep moist and water very regularly during hot, sunny periods. Ideally the trunk should feel damp to the touch most of the time. An established plant will thrive with very little care other than watering and the occasional feed.
  • During the growing season tree ferns like a very diluted feed of a general plant fertiliser. Perhaps around a quarter of the strength of the recommended dose. This should be watered into the crown (stem) of the plant from the top.
  • Pruning: brown fronds can be removed, but don’t cut too close to the trunk as the old frond will form part of the stem.
  • Winter care: The growing point at the top of the trunk is the most important part of your tree fern as far as survival is concerned. This should be protected from frost. The plants can cope with temperatures down to around -10C for short periods but should be protected from winter freezing. Wrap the top 60cm of trunk with several layers of fleece, hessian or breathable insulating material such as straw. Use straw to pack into the top of the trunk to provide layers of insulation. Tie it firmly in place. The fronds can be left free. Avoid watering the crown in winter.
  • Dicksonia antarctica can be grown in a large pot. Most types of compost are fine but more watering will be required in a pot.
  • They are slow-growing. Expect growth of only around 2.5cm per year.
  • Eventual height: these plants can reach up to 6m tall, with a spread of around 4m.
  • Dicksonia antarctica are evergreen trees but they may be deciduous in cold areas.
  • Please note that library photos are used and this is not the exact tree fern that you will receive.


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