Traditional hand made Sussex garden trug. South Down design

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Quality hand made Sussex trug. Available in several different sizes. 

Hand made in East Sussex from European birch aircraft plywood for the handles, rims and boards. This ply is similar to that used to make the Mosquito aeroplane. Natural finish These are the same as the original products first made in 1829 when they were invented by Thomas Smith. Incredibly hard wearing, superbly made but still light to carry.

Guaranteed for 5 years.

Trug Sizes:-

  • 3. 14" x 8"
  • 4. 16" x 9"
  • 5. 18" x 10" (popular ladies size)
  • 6. 22" x 11" (Unisex size)
  • 7. 24" x 12" (popular mens size)
  • 8. 26" x 13"
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