Tillandsia Curly Slim Bromeliad Air Plant in a 12cm Pot

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tillandsia curly slim

Tillandsia 'Curly Slim' is an intriguing hybrid air plant that shows characterisics of both parents. It has curly leaves and a swollen base which are similar to streptophylla, but the slim shape and flower stem of Tillandsia intermedia that is capable of producing pups. The thick, curly leaves tend to curl back on themselves into spirals, giving the plant a comical, curly-whirly appearance. 

  • Likes high light levels.
  • Give the foliage a misting with filtered water or rain water on a regular basis. 
  • Keep watering to a minimum, however.
  • This plant is potted into a 12cm pot.
  • The plant tends to become curlier if it is kept on the dry-side.
  • When conditions are right, it can produce a long, pink spike that can then provide offsets.
  • Can grow to a height and spread of 40cms, in time.
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