Tillandsia caput medusae house plant Bromeliad. Airplant Head of Medusa

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tillandsia Caput Medusa

Tillandsia caput-medusae is often called the 'head of Medusa' because of the snake-like foliage. This is an air plant that is native to South America. It can grow without a substrate such as compost and in the wild it is epiphytic, hanging from other plants and trees.

  • Comes from the Bromeliad family
  • Can produce blue-red flowers in early summer.
  • Has grey-blue leaves which form rosette shapes, each curling rather like a snake.
  • Can reach a maximum size of up to 35cm.
  • Likes medium to high light levels. Requires shelter from maximum sunlight.
  • In the wild, this plant can often form a symbiotic relationship with ants, by offering them a safe place in which to retreat. The ants, in return, repel pests and provide a natural fertiliser from their droppings.
  • As a house plant, spray with water regularly or dunk in rainwater for a short period of time.
  • A Tillandsia spray is sometimes available, providing further nutrients.
  • One plant only.
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