Tillandsia Capitata house plant Bromeliad. Airplant - does not require compost

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tillandsia capitata

This is Tillandsia Capitata, a species that can look amazing in a desert-style terrarium. They do not require compost and can also be fixed to structures such as driftwood, shells or even picture frames.

  • These curious plants absorb moisture from the air and especially enjoy medium humidity levels.
  • This particular variety is a desert-type of air plant that likes high light levels.
  • Fairly drought-tolerant as they have thick, silvery-green leves.
  • The leaves can turn a pinky-colour near to flowering time.
  • Require spraying with a  little water regularly, or can be soaked, preferably in rain water, for short periods of time.
  • There is also an air-plant spray that is sometimes available - this provides additional nutrients.
  • Can produce exotic-looking flowers if growing conditions are correct.
  • Eventual height and width: up to 20cm.
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