Throw 2 Grow Bee and Butterfly Meadow Flower Seed Mix. Created by Cambs Uni.[10g - 2sqm]

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Developed in conjunction with Cambridge University to get a scientifically based balance of plants. This seed mixture is attractive to bees and other pollinating insects and contains both annual and perennial varieties. This mixture will adapt to a wide range of soil types.
Annuals will provide the colour in the first year and the perennials will get their chance to shine in the second.
Perennial varieties have been picked for their nectariferous, fragrant and aromatic properties.

  • Great for beekepers.
  • Contains 22 annuals and 24 perennials.
  • Centaurea jacea, Malva silvestris, Nepeta, Oenothera, Salvia pratensis, Centranthus ruber.....
  • Quick to flower - 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Sowing period April to June. 
  • Flowering Period June to September.
  • Height 30 to 60cm

Sow directly onto prepared and weeded ground. Do not cover the seed with any soil but press or rake into the soil gently. Do not let the seeds dry out but keep moist but not wet during germination. Larger quantities are available on request. Great for public flowerbeds or roundabouts in surburban areas.
2 to 6 grams of seed needed per square meter of area depnding on quality of soil. Stoney areas will need the higher rate.
I can supply larger quantities if required.

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