Tea Plant. Camellia sinensis Tea Time hardy shrub in 10.5cm pot

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Camellia sinensis 'Tea Time' is hardy here in the UK. This is an evergreen plant which will produce tea leaves. These can be picked in spring for the purpose of making tea. Contrary to popular belief, tea plants do not require hot temperatures in order to thrive. They are perfectly suited to the UK climate and are winter-hardy once established. In addition to producing leaves that can be used in tea-making, they are also fragrant and have attractive winter flowers too. There are at least two tea-growing regions in the UK, including one in Cornwall and another in Scotland. This proves just how hardy Camellia sinensis can be.

  • Likes to be planted in partial shade.
  • Prefers not to be east-facing as the morning sun can damage the leaves.
  • Likes moist but well-drained, humus-rich soil.
  • Soil should be acid or ericaceous.
  • Slow-growing shrub.
  • Produces white flowers in October and November.
  • If left to its own devices it will reach 5m high.
  • Responds well to pruning.
  • Water during dry weather in order to prevent bud-drop.
  • The spring new growth is the best for tea-production.
  • If you are growing this plant in a pot, protect from frost during the winter.
  • Plant is sold in a 10.5cm pot.
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