Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera pertusum) Plant 125+cm tall in a 24cm Pot

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monstera pertusum 125

A large Swiss cheese plant supported on a growing pole. Luscious leaves!

This Swiss Cheese plant is the largest of the Monstera pertusum range. It is a luscious house plant which uses a pole as a support. These plants are naturally rainforest, climbing plants and the aerial roots that they produce in order to support themselves in the wild can be pruned off in the home. 

  • Monstera pertusum naturally grows in Middle-America (Mexico). It is also known as Philodendron pertusum, "Mexican Breadfruit" or "Window Leaf". The plant grows well under humid circumstances and tends to grow larger leaves in humid air. 
  • Very easy to care for because cheese plants can also withstand dry air and conditions..
  • The leaves of a young plant are generall clear of holes or splits. Later, the leaves show incisions.
  • Gaps and holes will appear in the leaves of older plants. Generally the leaves form more holes in brighter conditions.
  • Plenty of light or semi-shade, cannot withstand strong sunlight.
  • IAvoid draughts.
  • Keep the soil moist but do not allow the soil to dry out completely. However, do not allow the roots to sit in water as this can lead to root rot. 
  • Please note that the plant you receive will not look exactly the same as the photograph as these are library pictures.
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