Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera minima House Plant with Moss Pole in 19cm pot

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monstera minima

Monstera minima, also known as Philodendron tetrasperma 'Minima', is an unusual, miniature version of the potentially giant Swiss cheese plant! It is a native of Columbia and Panama and has more finely split leaves than the usual deliciosa.

  • The leaves of Monstera minima are lush, strongly cut with deep notches that almost reach the central vein point of the leaf.
  • The leaf splits are generally alternate on both sides of theleaf.
  • In its natural environment this is a slow-growing vine.
  • Indoors it can be pruned to fit the required size and should be secured to a growing stake or moss pole.
  • Has a naturally compact habit and will eventually reach a maximum height of up to 150cm.
  • Undemanding!
  • This variety is rarely seen.
  • Likes bright situation but not in direct sunlight as this can scorch the leaves.
  • Likes fertile, humus-rich compost but free-draining (add perlite or fibre).
  • Only water when the top 2cm of compost feels dry.
  • Do not allow to stand in water.
  • Can mist the leaves with water, or the air around the plant.
  • A great plant for filtering toxins from the air.
  • Trained up a moss pole.
  • Currently measures around 80cm tall, including the pot.


  • Create the jungle-feel with a cheese plant!
  • These plants have been trained up a mosspole and are approximately 80cm in height including container

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