Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera deliciosa house plant in 6cm pot Starter Plant

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cheeseplant 6cm

Monstera deliciosa is the most popular Swiis cheese plant and this house plant is a young, starter plant that is ready to grow.

This tiny Monstera deliciosa is ready to grow into the giant that so many people know and love. Monstera are often known as the Swiss cheese plant and it'ss a greatly reliable, exotic house plant that is very easy to care for. It has large, glossy leaves which gradually 'split' as the plant matures.

  • Young Swiss cheese plants have un-split foliage.
  • These plants help filter the air within a home or office. They take out toxins and give out oxygen.
  • Great health-giving properties, and beautiful too!
  • They can grow to more than 2m tall but will be restricted by the size of the pot.
  • Create the jungle-feel with a cheese plant!
  • Young starter plant in a 6cm pot
  • The holes in the leaves are yet to form on these young plants but should only take 3-5 weeks.
  • Please note that the photos are provided as an example and the plant you receive won't look exactly the same as in the phtoos.



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