Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar house plant in a 12cm pot colourful leaves

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stromanthe ttri 12

Stromanthe 'Triostar' is an unusual house plant which is grown primarily for its attractive foliage. Closely related to Calatheas, this is one of the boldest house plants that you will find! The leaves are all slightly different, with colours including red, white, cream and green. The leaves have a plump, leathery texture and they have a bright, purple or pink underside. It is a relative of the prayer plant.

  • Growing in a 12cm pot.
  • This plant is a native of the Brazilian rain forest and it likes high humidity.
  • Mist with clear water regularly.
  • Ideally, provide a pebble tray in order to keep moist without allowing the plant to stand in water.
  • Keep out of strong sunlight as this will burn the leaves.
  • It can cope with fairly dark positions.
  • Currently around 40cm tall.
  • Can grow to a height of about 120cm.
  • Please note: plants are living things and each one is different. The one in the photo won't be exactly the same as the plant that you receive.
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