Staghorn or elkhorn fern in a 18-20cm hanging pot. Platycerium bifurcatum. Rarely offered jungle house plant

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platycerium bifurcatum

The Staghorn (or Elkhorn) fern is a highly unusual plant. Native to Eastern Australia and Asia, these are ferns that live on other plants (epiphytic). The RHS describes the common name of Platycerium bifurcatum as the common staghorn but others have adopted the name elkhorn.

  • This is a young plant and it will grow into a medium sized, epiphytic plant.
  • In their natural habitat these attach themselves to trees and they hang like air plants, extracting all they need from the air and the environment.
  • There are two kinds of fronds, both densely covered with soft hairs when young.
  • The fronds include heart-shaped 'sterile' base fronds and grey-green, arching, strappy 'fertile' fronds. These are forked and they bear brown spore patches beneath the tips. They can grow up to 1m in length. 
  • The base fronds overlap to protect the roots and they should not be removed when they turn brown. They form a protective covering which should remain in place.
  • Water about once per week during the growing season. Mist the foliage between waterings.
  • They appreciate a regular feed during the growing season.
  • Some say that you can place a banana skin under the base fronds and the plant will extract the nutrients!
  • Prefer bright light but not direct sunlight.
  • These are jungle plants and they like humid environments.
  • They like water, warmth and high humidity but do not like to sit in water.
  • They absorb water through their fronds and should be misted using a spray as well as soaked,
  • This plant comes in a hanging pot measuring 18-20cm diameter. pot. 
  • Every one is different and it might not be exactly as it appears in the photo.


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