Sempervivum Chick Charms Silver Suede Plant in a 12cm pot. Hens & Chicks

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sempervivum silver suede
Sempervivum Silver Sude, Hens & Chicks

Sempervivum Chick Charms Silver Suede is such an attractive succulent with a frosting on the leaves that radiate from red to green forming the classic rosette. This “hens and chicks” variety is quick to form offsets, attached to the mother by a short side stem above the soil. This gives an enchanting appearance to the plant, and the suspended “chicks” can soften the edge of a container, or even trail a bit over the side. These offsets can be snipped and rooted elsewhere to propogate the plant. In time, like other

Sempervivum, the primary rosette – the “hen” will die back, allowing one or more of the “chicks” to root in and flourish.

Happy indoors or out, in sun or shade, this is a beautiful, versatile member of the succulents family. Be stingy with the water and enjoy!

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